Student Affairs QEP Introduction

QEP Introduction

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The process of accreditation with the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges / Commission on Colleges requires that each school submit a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Requirements of the Quality Enhancement Plan are explained in:


Core Requirement 2.12 which requires an institution develops an acceptable Quality Enhancement Plan that focuses on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning.


Comprehensive Standard 3.3.2 which requires:

  • the institution ensures it has the capacity to implement and sustain the Quality Enhancement Plan
  • a broad base of stakeholders was involved in the process
  • the QEP identifies goals and a plan to assess their achievements.


According to SACSCOC guidelines, a QEP should:

  1. Contribute to the improvement of student learning or to the environment for student learning;
  2. Emerge from an institutional process and institutional assessment;
  3. Be based on a need that can be supported by data;
  4. Be linked to the college’s strategic plan and mission;
  5. Be focused and assessable;
  6. Have the support and involvement of students, faculty, and other stakeholder groups.


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