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QEP Timeline

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Timeline for QEP Development and Implementation


October 2012
  • QEP topic selection process initiated
  • Planning Committee established
August 2013
  • Final selection of QEP topic announced
October 2013
  • Development Committee Established
  • Logo Selected
  • Report Drafted
  • Newsletters Published
  • Budget and Implementation Plans detailed
January 2014
  • Weekly newsletters published
  • Information tables established weekly
  • First Draft of QEP Report Submitted to SACS/COC liaison
  • Webpage and social media sites established
February 2014
  • Community Celebration of QEP Topic and Development
April 2014
  • Final Draft of QEP Plan Report Due to committee
June 2014
  • Complete QEP Plan Report Submitted to SACS/COC
October 2014
  • Host On-Site Visit by SACS/COC Peer-Review Team
Spring/Summer 2015
  • Reaffirmation decision and QEP Approval received from SACS/COC
Fall 2015
  • Full Implementation of QEP


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